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from the NIHR Dissemination Centre

People with COPD exacerbations prefer early discharge then treatment at home
People with flare-ups of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) prefer to be managed at home rather than in hospital. Hospital stay was on average four days shorter when people were discharged early to the hospital at home scheme, and there was no noticeable increase in readmissions in this group. This NIHR-funded trial aimed to establish the costs and outcomes of hospital at home compared with staying in hospital for treatment. The findings support current guidance that hospital at home is suitable for selected patients and this study shows that the DECAF score is an effective way of selecting people, with a low risk of serious complications, who may be suitable. There was a large reduction in number of days in hospital which should probably give cost savings, although the hoped for benefit of a reduction in readmissions was not realised.
11 December 2018

Robot-assisted arm training after stroke helps people regain some strength and independence
People who have electromechanical or robot-assisted arm rehabilitation after stroke have better arm function and strength as well as finding it easier to complete activities of daily living. Although moderate, the improvements suggest it may be worth considering these interventions as an adjunct to usual therapy. Many people have impaired arm function after a stroke and rehabilitation is often required. Robot-assisted arm training uses devices to support therapeutic movements. Feedback, given by the machines, allows the exercises to be tailored to the individual. Use can increase the intensity of therapy and improve motivation. The evidence for their use so far has not been strong, consisting of many small trials. This updated Cochrane systematic review includes new, higher quality research. It now covers 24 types of electromechanical or robot-assisted devices compared to usual care. The studies did not assess cost-effectiveness, and this needs further consideration.
11 December 2018

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